Monday, February 20, 2012

Fat Tuesday

I love that the roots of this tradition lie in the church calendar. Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of a long fasting period for Christians. Besides fasting, it is a time for me to give up something that I enjoy. So, Fat Tuesday for me is a celebration and the opportunity to indulge in that favorite food/drink/distraction that you give up for the long lenten season. Our small group, of course, always celebrates..."What's your vice? Bring that!" I know there will be great food and some good brew.

This is not about breaking bad-for-you habits though but rather a time to give up and meditate on my need for Jesus. A time to grow, make room for quiet in my loud (busy) life,  journal, reflect on God's goodness and grace in my life and to prepare my heart for Christ's Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Lent can be a dark time in the church it is a season to remind us that we are most fulfilled when we are emptied

But  first... 

It's Fat Tuesday, let's EAT! 


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  1. yay for blog that yall do this!!